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Created by Necole Brown Mar 24, 2010 at 9:02pm. Last updated by Necole Brown Aug 5, 2012.


#1. Take a small zip close baggie (snack sizes work well) and include the following in it:

Your Business Card, Business Opportunity Mini Flyer, a Piece of Candy such as hard candy or a lollipop, mini flyer of current host specials, discount coupon (optional) etc.

Hand these out to the bank tellers, retail cashiers, at your kids sport events, every where you go!

#2. When I stay at hotels & motels I leave a mini…

Created by Necole Brown Jan 29, 2011 at 9:34am. Last updated by Necole Brown Feb 3, 2011.

Website Webmaster Search Engines

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STEP 1: GET YOUR FREE ACCOUNT SETUP: http://ipas2free.retireearlywithnecolebrownonline.com

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Has PITI, Vehicle & Insurance, Student Loans, and Credit Card debt payments got you down?




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I wanted to make sure that you're aware of the weekly team hangouts. They take place on Wednesdays @ 8:00p EST; 7:00p CST; 6:00p MST; and 5:00p PST. Please use the following link to checkout the last one. It will run all week until the next one airs. Prosperity Team Hangout

It’s my desire to assist as many individuals that have an ear to hear with how they will be able to change their life forever with a company and a system that actually works. We have so many testimonials in our group, of people making lots of money, that you'll be amazed.


On August 12, 2013, I walked out of the door of my employer, not looking back on a job run by a very insensitive CEO who thinks that his company is the only one left on this planet. My goal is to assist others to be able to do what I did and never have to worry about having to work for anyone else for as long as they live, unless they love their job, of course. The main thing that you'll have will be options. You'll never have to allow another person to have rule over you.

The Ecomonic Recovery has no bearing on those who are plugged into the right system...

After watching infomercial after infomercial after infomercial, it took me one year to decide to purchase the NutriBullet, and I'm very happy with my decision, because I now get to prepare and enjoy healthy juice recipes with my mom.

Boy oh boy am I glad that it didn't take me that long to decide to get involved with Empower Network. When it was presented to me, I took a look and immediately determined that this was the place for me to retire. After being in network marketing program after network marketing program, it was clear to see that Empower Network had exactly what I needed. This is the first company that I've been involved with that has an even playing field for everyone, and they pay 100% commissions. Looking back at the last company that I joined, their payout plan is between 2% to 8% depending on the level in an unilevel compensation plan.

When I think about how blessed I am to be apart of a movement with a group of individuals who want to see others succeed, I get overwhelmed. Starting at the top with the co-founders of Empower Network, all the way down to the leaders of the Prosperity Team, which we're apart of, support is available.
It's the same way that my mom must feel having me around these days. Being confined to the bed 365 days a year for the past five years diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), there's not much that she can do, except eat, sleep, and watch TV. When I worked on a job to ensure the success of my boss' future and that of his family, they would take vacation after vacation after vacation annually. The truth is that I was glad to have the boss out of the office, but on the other hand, I wasn't happy having to work to build someone else's future, while my life was put on hold, not to mention enduring the unnecessary stress that he created when he was in the office.

I still had the same responsibilities with my mom when I got home as I do now, I only get to do them a lot earlier in the day and without being stressed out and feeling tired, plus I get to spend time with her during the day watching Judge Matthis. Being home now makes my mom feel comfortable knowing that she's no longer being left home alone after her caregiver puts in 4 hours in the morning. My mom says so many things during our times together, and she's always open to share her motherly advice. One day she told me that we were best friends because we spend so much time together.

Even today, currently at the young tender age of 50 in 2013, I still reverence my mom. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for my parents. During the last six months of my dad's life back in 2001, I was right there with him, every step of the way after he had a stroke and eventually died from congestive heart failure. My dad worked for the transit company for 35 years prior to retiring, lived another 4 years, and then died at the age of 60. Even though I lived away from home at the time, I had to leave the man that I lived with to go back home and take care of the man who'd taken such good care of me as his child.
I've attached a few pictures of me and my mom below. One is of us on her 71st birthday in 2012, and the other one is of us the year prior. In my mind, this is my mom's season and I'm so happy to be able to share this time with her. We only get one set of parents, and I've made the most of the ones that I've been blessed with.

With the Empower Network (Prosperity Team) there's no reason why you won't be able to have a business and a life at the same time too! This is so much different than having a brick and mortar business with employees and the other responsibilities that you have to manage. Even though my ex-boss and his family took numerous vacations annually, he still had to come back to his company and deal with all of the problems that go along with owning that type of business.

I wish that Dave and Dave had started this company back in 1984 when my Corporate America career began, but I'm so thankful that they did when they did, and that I'm apart of their journey. It came at the perfect time in my life, and I wouldn't change a thing along the 29 years that got me here.

What really makes this journey enjoyable for me are all of the team leaders behind the Prosperity Team who make it possible for us to succeed.

Don't miss the opportunity to take this ride all the way to the top, to the land of PROSPERITY, and maybe I'll see you at one of the upcoming corporate events.

The profit paradigm is here, and I hope that you’re open to take a look. Can you imagine a world where you don’t have to talk to family and friends, attend hotel meetings, or make cold calls to people you don't know? Take your time and go through the information and let me know what you think. The support that we receive is like none that I’ve ever encountered. Prosperity Team Hangout


To your success!

Necole Brown

630-267-4132 (call me with your questions)

Facebook/SKYPE: Elocen11 (get to know me)




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